Art collective Nieuwplaatz

Nieuwplaatz  is an art collective founded five years ago in Leiden. Founded in 2013 by  Katelijn Udo de Haes from theatre group Hardt and visual artist Sven Meijers, five years later Nieuwplaatz has over 25 members and three locations in Leiden city. Musicians, artists and creative entrepreneurs co-create and work as an artistic and cultural incubator locally, in the region and international. During Liquid Society different members of Nieuwplaatz will perform and exhibit their work.

Leiden International Short Film Festival LISFE

LISFE is an annual festival held in the city of Leiden, The Netherlands, dedicated to the most original and creative form of film making: short films. Since 2009 LISFE is run by a multicultural and international team of volunteers. LISFE promotes a wider experience of cinema outside theaters through short films of different genres, origins, purposes and forms and implementations, such as video installations or live performances.

LISFE has so far presented in both historical and captivating venues more than 600 short films from over 50 different countries. Until today, 20 awards have been granted to encourage and promote a new generation of filmmakers. 

The Involved Stage

The Involved Stage is a performance group based in Leiden, The Netherlands. It began as an educational project for university students in 2015 and became a professional group in 2016. Our shows give expression to matters of social concern through body work and live music with a minimum use of spoken words. The creative process combines methods from the social sciences and artistic practices from theater, dance, music and sound art. The Involved Stage engages in artistic creation, education and research.

ARC (art_research_convergence) – Leiden University

ARC (art_research_convergence) is an outreach initiative of Leiden University for the active communication of artistic research. ARC hosts exhibitions, installations, lectures and performances every month in the Leiden/Den Haag area. The idea is to enable a space of communication and action where artist-researchers can show work in progress (or finished work in need of feedback) and discuss it with the audience.

ARC plays a connective role in the network of artistic and investigative practices. It strengthens the knowledge infrastructure in the dynamic field of practice-based research as well as brings it into the public eye. In doing so, it contributes to the knowledge economy in the region.

Keystone Seminar: Art & Social Engagement – Webster University

The Keystone Seminar is the culminating point of the Global Citizen Programme offered at Webster University worldwide. A number of thematic options are available for the students to explore matters of social relevance from a critical perspective. Art and social engagement: How  do the arts impact the world? is one of such seminars. In this context, , the students are encouraged to explore the political side of art through theoretical reflection and hands-on creative experience.

The first part of the course revolves around theories about art and social involvement (Bertolt Brecht, Augusto Boal, Chantal Mouffe and Alain Badiou among others), while the second part concentrates on the production of an artistic event. This is done in light of such theories and on the basis of the skills acquired during their studies. In so doing, the participants address social antagonisms through aesthetic means.