Liquid Society

Liquid Society is a multidisciplinary, multimedia arts programme inspired by the liquidity and transformative powers within society. Concurrent with the 2018 ‘year of water’ (as named by Leiden Marketing), water will be one of the project’s main themes. The programme encourages artists to connect with their environment, as well as initiate cross-overs with other domains and disciplines. We will research different topics as: liquid boundaries, cultural heritage, science, crafts, the city as a brain, video art and international collaborations.

As stated in our manifesto, Liquid Society provides artists and producers with a space to experiment, and give them the means to answer the city’s call for ‘more space for experimental art (2017)’. The manifesto was initiated at BurgertopL750, a civic event aimed at formulating political and cultural topics for the near future. ‘More space for experimental art’ is written by several artists and cultural bodies in Leiden City. We believe that experiment gives birth to art, art gives birth to culture and culture leads to inspiring (everyday) surroundings that are free to share.

Liquid Society is a collaboration between visual artist Sven Meijers, social and cultural entrepreneur Lot Vegter, visual artist Emma van Noort, Egyptian artist and producer Abdalla Daif and producer Carlos Roos. Over a period of three months, we will stage an art programme alternating between performance art, visual art, art expositions and educational activities, all reinforcing one another. Liquid Society enables artists to look past their own disciplines, engage with other art professionals and find inspiration in other disciplines and in domains outside the art world.