Opening hours

The official opening of Liquid Society will be on saturday 22nd at 5pm!

The venue will be open to the public on: 

  • Thursdays – walk-in hours: 3pm – 6pm.
  • Saturdays – live program: 5pm – 8pm
  • Sundays – exhibitions : 3pm – 6pm

During ‘Walk-in hours’ visitors will have several opportunities to see the artists at work. The creative process these artists engage in is very interactive, meaning their art comes into being through interaction with their audience.

On saturdays there will be lectures, performances and theater.

On sundays different artists will expose their work. The Kick-off of new work will start at 4pm.

Liquid Society is part of Kunstroute Leiden  September 22nd en 23rd from 12 till 5pm.